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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good Times

After Fridays time at the fair and lack of sleep yesterday was fairly low key with a friendly BBQ at Stef's house. I got up early to go to the grocery store and get what we needed for our scallop/crab stuffed mushrooms, and we cooked before heading into town. 

Good stuff... Then we all just relaxed and chatted to catch up since we haven't seen everyone in a few years now. 

Of course I've seen Stef as we've met up for camping and hiking trips in Yellowstone, Moab, and the Blackhills over the years. We timed the trip well to coincide with both her and her brother being home to visit their folks too. 

Despite what it looks like, it was a nice day. Overcast in the afternoon, but no rain. Since everyone was eating and not moving much they got chilly. 

Today is family time to go see Une Mel
At Moose Camp and my brothers family in town. You all have a good day,


  1. enjoy your day...we may need rain gear tomorrow!!

  2. Gorgeous yard! Where does Stef live? Eagle River? Wasilla? I've heard both towns have really grown in the last few years.