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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dueling Beavers?

Told ya Betsy... So, do you think it was a race? I wonder if all the beavers got together one night and like the old street races there was a pretty young "shapely" beaver who waved the flag before they hurriedly chomped through their own sides? Okay, probably not, but it was a humorous thought when we spotted the dual downed trunk. 

Mom and I hit downtown anchorage for a touch of sight seeing. Then we met my sister-in-law for lunch at Simon and Seafords. It was delicious but then that's what you expect. 

The view was a bit grey for lunch as we sat and caught up, but it was about family time, not gazing at Mount Susitna. It's still a lovely view from the bar. 

Afterwards we did a couple errands and I went for a √©lan at University Lake with Betsyand the fur kids. 

Ahhhh, I really miss home at times. 

And having such beauty right out the front door. 

Don't get me wrong. Wyoming was beautiful, and I am liking MI, but no place is like home. Right?

And then in the way home I spotted the new snow up above the Matanuska glacier. Winters coming, and with her own brand if beauty...

Oh, and Betsy? Sorry about leaving my trash in you car. Realized I had left it there for the walk but never picked it up as I never went back to your car. So sorry. 


  1. Betsy tells me you are leaving tomorrow, I was going to pick your brain regarding the LeClerc loom I bought this month, it needs the break band assembly replaced, I'm not sure I have all the parts.
    Will have to attend the guild meeting I guess, good to see you had a fun time despite the rain,
    Safe travels
    Katie (katshappy on Rav)

  2. i haven't noticed the trash...have you seen my car?? haha. if you hadn't told me it may have been there til spring. :-)

  3. What a wonderful trip! It's been about 10 years since I've been back - I think it's time to remedy that.