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Friday, August 22, 2014

Final Farewell

We tore through the "honey-do" list yesterday mornng and we added a couple more things as we went but ended up with an open afternoon, so Mom and I hit the road to Hatchers Pass.

Shiela came with as you can see here and I spread her ashes up near Summit Lake. Not a bad place to take your final rest, eh?  

I realized that I hadn't quite said my last goodbyes to her until I was spreading her ashes. Hopefully now I can quit turning around to look for her when I'm walking the boys and count only three dogs, or try to find the missing dog bowl at feeding time. 

As I was walking out of where I went to spread the ashes I realized that after all these years gone, I am still set to an Alaskan thermostat. It was 55, sunny, with a sporadic breeze and I was comfortable in my shorts and tshirt, and even got a little sweaty rock hopping when the breeze stopped. Someday perhaps I'll get rewired and not find 70 hot. There was a dog left in the car while his owner para-glided down the Willow side of the pass. He showed up between glides to open the windows and give this big King Corso who was panting hard a little bit of water. Some people can't figure out that it may be only 55, but your dog is I a sealed car in the sun. Open the windows and at least take him down to the lake to get wet and cool off between glides. Better yet, leave the big deep chested boy home when you go play. I am guessing he was gone well over an hour per glide as they drifted down and had to drive back up the gravel road to the top of the pass. Ugh, you think I could dog nap a big boy like that back to Michigan?

Stefani and I are off to the State Fair today. I'll tell you about it tomorrow!


  1. A perfect place for Sheila! Enjoy your trip!

  2. i agree, a perfect place for Miss Sheila...have fun at the fair!!

  3. Beautiful spot for Sheila! 55 degrees?? You know me...I'd be freezing! Hot and very humid here today. Have fun at the fair and enjoy that funnel cake!

  4. Dorothy mentioned at Fiber Skeinks picnic today that you had spread Sheila's ashes. What a beautiful way to come full circle with your dear girl. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. - Joe

  5. May we all be so lucky to find ourselves a final resting place like Summit Lake. Beautiful.