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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Slow moving

Just getting moving today as I was out late last night with Stefani. We hit the fair, ran to the Mooses tooth and I got home around midnight. 
The fair was wonderful as usual, but it is the Alaska fair and we might have some confusion with things like farm animals. I am pretty sure those are sheep they have labeled as pigs with that sign. 
Stefani wimped out on the rides... So sad. I thought she was going to hurl on the tornado. So we went down the kiddie slide and gave our tickets to a family that would use them up. 
And now I've had my bear tooth, and Mooses tooth fix. Don't worry Betsy, I'm willing to go again.  What is the Mooses tooth I hear you non-Alaskans say? The best darn pizza and brew house ever! If you ever get up this way, you have to stop in. 

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  1. Oh god, Moose's Tooth is the stuff of dreams!! I've heard it's become quite a bit time place after all these years and pulls in pretty big name acts now to perform. That was definitely a place I didn't eat at enough as a teenager.